How to Dual Boot Nookie Froyo 0.6.8 on Nook Color [Guide]

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If you want to keep original functionality of Nook Color intact and enjoy it also as Android tablet running Android 2.2 Froyo, you can do that by following this guide. After completing this guide you will be able to enter the dual boot menu on Nook Color by pressing the home key “n” button to access Dual Boot menu. Now you can choose which OS want to load.


If you still want to run Android from you SD card and don’t want to root your Nook please read my guide, How to Make Bootable Nook Color Honeycomb SD Card and How to Run CyanogenMod 7 Nightly From SD Card on Nook Color [Guide].

Disclaimer: Please make sure before following any tips and content provided in that it is entirely at your own risk. Any damage to your device will not be the responsibility of


· Nook Color with Clockwork Recovery installed (If you haven’t rooted your nook color so far please read my guides about how to root nook color, Root Nook Color and install Google Apps and Clockwork Recovery using Monster Pack and Root Nook Color Using Auto Nooter and install Android Market)

· Mircro SD card with external card reader


  • Download required files using the links given above.
  • Insert SD card in your computer and copy flash file for Dual Boot and Dual Boot Nookie Froyo Rom 0.6.8 on SD card.
  • Safely remove SD card from computer.
  • Make sure that you power off Nook Color before inserting insert SD card.
  • Power up Nook Color while holding volume increase button and power button which will allow you to enter Clockwork Recovery menu. Use volume increase and decrease buttons to navigate through Clockwork Recovery menu and use home key “n” to select.
  • From menu select “install zip from microSD card” and select Dual Boot flash file which will resize media partition without deleting data. If you have data more than 3.9gb this step will not resize media partition. So I will recommend, backup you data to reduce its size.
  • Now go back to main menu and choose “install zip from microSD card” and this time flash Dual Boot Nookie Froyo Rom 0.6.8 on Nook Color.
  • Go back to main menu of Clockwork Recovery and reboot Nook Color.
  • At start up press and hold home key “n” button to enter dual boot menu for where you should be able to select if you want to run Nookie Froyo or original Nook Color OS.

Now enjoy your Nook Color as Nookie Froyo tablet and when you want, you can use it as Nook Color eBook reader. If you are looking for any recent updates please check XDA-Developers forum thread.

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