Installing Android 2.2 on your computer/Laptop permanently [guide]

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You can run the android 2.2 using you PC by using this guide. But changes you make will be lost after you reboot or power off the device as it is running from a ram disk space (which is temporary). If you want to use android 2.2 permanently from your PC, you can install the android environment using the following simple steps

Step 1. Reboot virtual machine

Step 2. Select option to “Install to hard disk” from the bootloader


Step 3. In partition editor crease single primary partition and don’t forget to make partition bootable. Once partition is created quit partition editor.



Step 4. Install the android OS to be installed on the partition you created in step 3 using ext3.



Step 5. Select yes when prompted to use GRUB as your bootloader.

Step 6. Run Android.



If you want to read about how to install and run Android 2.2 on you computer or laptop please this guide.

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