Overclock Nook Color to 1.3GHz and Increase Loudness Using Nook Color Tweaks [Review]

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When I tried to watch movies or videos I felt that Nook Color volume is not loud enough and even I tried to use headphones I was still hearing hiss and noise. I found this useful application called Nook Color Tweaks which is available via market for free. Using this application you can increase the medial volume and also overclock Nook Color CPU clock speed as much as you want. This application also provides you with some other goodies including USB Host controller and U-Boot control.


Using this application you will be able to increase the medial volume and at same time you can decrease headphone analog gain to get rid of noise and hiss while using headphones. If you want to increase the speaker volume you can do so by increasing DAC gain but this will also increase headphone volume. To fix this you can decrease headphone analog gain.

Another Important feature is that you can overclock your CPU using 5 OPP settings available and increase clock rate of CPU for every OPPs. Nook Color Tweak also gives you the control over the voltage control. You decrease the voltage to increase battery life but you better increase the voltage if you want to overclock. I overclocked my Nook Color CPU up to 1.3GHz without any problems. Once over clocked you can see the difference in speed while running applications.

Main advantage of using this application over the other apps available in market which also increase the volume is that Nook Color Tweaks make low level changes in the driver which results in better audio quality. Other apps just work at software level and are hardware agnostic, all those apps will increase the volume but at the same will also increase hiss and noise.

This application is specifically designed for Dalingrin’s OC kernel for Froyo 1.2 and 1.7 or kernel 2.6.32 CM7 nightly 88+ for audio setting and overclocked Kernel 2.6.32 or newer for CPU

Enjoy watching Netflix movies on your Nook color with better audio quality also try overclocking Nook Color CPU clock speed for better performance. Please don’t forget to share your experience with other readers. Thank you.

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