dTunes: Download Free Music, Videos and Torrents for iPhone (Cydia App Review)

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Have you ever thought about downloading free music, movies and torrents on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch? Now you can download free music and movies on your jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch using cydia application dTunes. To download torrents you will need mobile terminal and after downloading torrent you can view torrent contents in dTunes.


In this guide I will describe step which you need to follow to download free music, movies and torrents.

1- Launch Cydia from Springboard and type dTunes in search field. Click on dTunes in search results and then click on install button. Once installation is complete go back to Springboard.

2- Launch dTunes application. Now you should be able to stay 5 tabs at the bottom of screen named browse, media player, torrents, search and settings.

3- First click on search tab. In search tab you can search for music or video files after clicking on appropriate tab at the top of the screen. Beside music and video tab you will see another tab at the top of screen named torrents which is for downloading torrents trackers.

4- If you want to download song, click on music tab and wait for beemp3.com website to open. After that type the name of song, singer or album in the search tab and hit search. Next screen will show you search results. Click on the song you want to download and you will be directed to download page where capatcha information will be asked. Enter appropriate capatcha information and you will be given the option to download the song or paly it in Media Player.

If you want to save the song on your iPhone, choose download option. If you want to listen to the song just once choose the option to play in Media Player.

After downloading songs, you can browse downloaded media files by clicking on browse tab at the bottom. You can play downloaded songs by clicking on the songs which will be played in dTunes built-in Media Player which is very similar to iPod music player.

5- If you are looking forward to download movies, TV show episodes or other related videos you need to click on search tab first the bottom of the screen. Next click on video tab at the top of the screen and type tinytube.net in the url field. Tinytube.net is a website which will search for videos on multiple websites including youtube.com and Google videos. Another website which I really like is surfthechannel.com from where you can download full length movies and TV shows.

Now type the name of movie or TV show you want to download in the search field and hit go button. Now you need to select the category your search best corresponds to. After choosing the category your search results will appear. Click on the video or movie which you can download or can watch directly. But remember most web site support flash players and iPhone doesn’t support flash. But you can download the video and watch it in dTunes media player later.

6- You can also download torrents using dTunes which uses piratebay.com. Type in the name of what you are searching in the search tab and hit search button. Next you will be able to see search results from where click on the corresponding torrent link which will take you to the torrent page from where you can download the tracker of the torrent file.

Now go to browse tab again and find the torrent tracker file. Click on torrent tracker file. Shortly message will appear that your torrent tracker is ready.

7- To download torrent you will need to install Mobile Terminal from Cydia. After installing Mobile Terminal you need to login as root user by entering following commands


alpine  (default password. If you have changed your password you need to enter your new password)

After gaining root access you need to enter the following to start torrent download.


8- Once downloading is complete, you should be able to see the downloaded file in the browse tab of dTunes. Now you view the files in dTunes. If you want to delete downloaded files, you can do so by using SSH.

9- You can change the default url of music, video and torrent websites in the settings tab.

I really like dTunes beucase it makes it really easy to download music , movies and torrents. Please don’t forget to post your questions/comments below.

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